Fill Ins - Burgundy

Fill Ins - Burgundy

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16” in length

6'' wide with 3 clips per piece. Used to clip from side of the head to the center back of the head.

1 set of FILL-INS (2 pieces) is designed to fill in your natural length.

2 sets of FILL-INS (4 pieces) can extend the hair length.

  • HAIR TIP when using 2 sets (4 pieces) for length!
  • clip one piece at the nape of the head, another one in the center back 1 inch above the lower.
  • Then one piece on the side of the head, with the last piece on the other side of the head, meeting in the center back of the head.

If you are needing more hair in the bang area, or in the front, this pairs perfectly with THE MONEY PIECE!

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